I hold it close to me,
this feeling of mine,
it stays inside,
under lock and key,

I hold my feeling close
it’s trying to leave
I just shut the door,
it’s avoiding me,

then I just let go,
let the feeling flow,
I save what I’ve seen,
in my memories…



Photo by GRÆS Magazine on Unsplash

I take off my English
and put it on the coat rack.

It sits there, ready for my next trip.

I walk to my closet
With light steps

I pull a cozy nightdress
A second, third, fourth language
Not fully feathered but comfortable

I settle in, my feet up…



Jan 20, 2021

Photo by Ben Koorengevel on Unsplash

the condenser mic
waits to be fed vocal sounds,
stands at attention

Workshopping more haikus. For this one, deliberately breaks the form by having the second and third lines appear like continuations of the first line.



Eashan Reddy Kotha

Neurobiology and film enthusiast. Aspiring physician. I love poetry too. Subscribe: youtube.com/@eashankotha