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Five Food Related Words You Don’t Know

(Because they don’t exist yet)

Eashan Kotha
2 min readJun 26, 2020


1. Foodspire:

sweating when eating food; happens when food is either spicy or you’re just tired from eating so much that it takes effort to finish.
I’ve had many friends who’ve shared this experience with me and I had to put it into words.

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2. Snackunch

When you don’t feel like eating something heavy for lunch but you have to eat something because, you know, human and you end up doing heavy snacking.

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3. Foodvention

When you’re really feeling the vibe and decide to mix flavor combos that you don’t even know if they taste good or not, but like, why not try it, right? Life’s too short.

Foodventions can be any combination of actions to mix together foods that haven’t been made before or at the very least, haven’t been popularized.

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4. Crunchsoft

That feeling when you’re eating something soft and you get an unexpected crunch. Yup, let’s delete that from our memories….

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5. Thoughtfood

Thoughtfood refers to the idea of something being really satisfying to think about. Intuitions fall under this category. Consuming thoughtfoods leads to those “aha!” moments where everything just clicks!

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Prompt. Thanks to Tree Langdon.



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